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Great organizations mature from person dependency to process dependency using workforce transformation

Great organizations mature from person dependency to process dependency using workforce transformation.

Your technology should be architected to enable the way you work.

What is workforce transformation?

Engineering and unifying the processes that drive value across the organization. Only after processes are documented and digitized can your organization standardize and scale.

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Why is workforce transformation difficult?

  • Technology stacks and data are often fragmented or siloed. The financial and account systems don’t talk with the HR and CRM systems which don’t talk with the project management systems.
  • The dynamic nature of client needs requires more change orders than ever before.
  • Teams want to leverage agile when agile works and waterfall when waterfall works.
  • There is an increased reliance on full-time employees, freelancers, independent contractors, and outside agency relationships.
  • Processes are not documented, standardized, or digitized across the organization.
  • Many organizations do not have visibility into workflows across the organization and cannot accurately forecast the capacity and resources needed to complete projects.
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Enhance your Collaboration & Forecasting

We use an operational system of record to drive workforce transformation. These systems are generally program and portfolio management solutions that have features that allow for time tracking, project management, cross-project resource allocation, have templates to standardize processes, and allow third parties to access just the projects and tasks they need. The platform gives managers the benefit of understanding how much each workstream, motion, and project is really costing them.

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You know there’s a better way to manage your organization’s work.

Every experienced, knowledgeable team inevitably outgrows informal process sharing techniques and traditional project management tools. The informal processes and old PM tools don’t span the various silos that come along with a mature organization. They don’t fit your unique structure or business environment. They don’t allow you to scale and standardize your workflows. They don’t archive the invaluable, institutional knowledge of your team. They box you in.

An organization whose workforce systems are truly optimized for the digital age perfect the equilibrium between the use of automation and human cognition. Finding that balance is what we call the ‘hybrid’ organization. The ‘hybrid’ organization doesn’t compete with technology, it embraces it.

Man and machine are symbiotic. In many areas, computers outperform humans; in others, men and women outperform the machines. With more cognitive capacity and transparency in hand, companies are universalizing their proven, value-generating processes and identifying optimal staffing decisions.

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Don’t let technology lead your workforce transformation conversation.

Whether you’ve been tasked with increasing your content velocity or scaling and standardizing key business drivers, the insights you need already exist in the minds of your team. The collective knowledge and desired processes of your team need to be extracted. You cannot digitize what you have not documented.

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LCG takes a unique approach to workforce transformation

We have flipped the model by starting with process and desired business outcomes. Everything else stems from the foundation of those unique organizational qualities. Once documented in a comprehensive operational system of record, those processes can finally be reinforced with automation and workflows. Your technology should be architected to enable the way you work. We can help you improve internal communication, accelerate decision making, and get more value out of the workforce you’re investing in.

Your processes can be your superpowers.

Once documented and digitized, your processes are like superpowers. Your team will make use of a single source of truth when approaching value-driving processes. Visibility into historical records and current capacity supports accurate forecasting and helps to avoid over-promising. Managing work becomes proactive and gives leadership more time to focus on optimizing structure, maintaining relationships, building business cases, and strengthening its team.

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You know there’s a better way.
We can document, digitize, and centralize your proven processes.

You know there’s a better way.
Stop implementing ineffective technology.
Instead, document, digitize, and centralize your proven processes.


Developing strategy, digital business models and operating models to align business objectives with the desired customer experience. 


Developing strategy, digital business models and operating models to align business objectives with the desired customer experience. 


Identifying the people, processes, platforms and needed financial performance to enable and achieve desired business outcomes and deploying the appropriate operating model and tech.   


Deploying the operating model via tactics and campaigns that map back to business objectives and provide engaging customer experiences. Tracking, reporting, analyzing and adjusting user experiences to provide meaningful customer engagements.