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Get beyond the silos and leverage design thinking as a common language. 

Gain the consensus to break the inertia.

When should you use design thinking? When you have a wicked problem. 

What is a wicked problem? A wicked problem is one that is ill-defined and/or extends beyond the core competency of your organization. An ill-defined problem exists when both the problem itself and the solutions are unknown. A large part of the problem-solving lies in defining the problem. A problem that extends outside of the typical competency of your organization can be risky to solve. It requires you to think in new ways and to be a visionary.

What is a wicked problem?

Lima Consulting Group

What does a Wicked problem look like?

Customers, financial leaders, creatives, IT leaders, marketers, and legal all come to the table viewing the problem and opportunity through the lens of their particular discipline. The diversity of thinking, while helpful in addressing solutions, can make it difficult for teams to gain consensus on the definition of the problem.

Design thinking rises above the language of each of your subject matter experts.

It provides a common language for problem definition and the resulting pathways forward. Bring all of your organization’s expertise to the table without having it interfere with the communication of ideas. You have disciplines and departments for a reason – get relevant insights from everyone and build a solution together.

What is our approach to design thinking?

We bring the rigors of design thinking to each engagement. We tailor our exercises to be practical and uniquely crafted for the time, circumstances, and maturity level of your organization. We are dedicated to learning your business before the workshop in order to facilitate a highly customized experience. Imagine how you will feel once you’ve broken the inertia, gained the consensus, and enabled the builders to begin the implementation.

The team at LCG specializes in transitioning from the creative to the technical. Deliverables will be digestible by business leaders and builders alike to translate session insights into a valuable work product.

Better position your ambassadors to articulate the vision.

In developing consensus, your neutrals may become ambassadors because they’ve been a part of the pathway forward. But the ultimate coup de grâce is when some of your detractors become some of your greatest supporters because their opinions were heardRally your organization around your wicked problem. Expand ownership of the problem and solution. Claim a multi-departmental victory. 

Lima Consulting Group
Lima Consulting Group

We cannot solve our problems
with the same thinking
we used when we created them”

- Albert Einstein

Lima Consulting Group
Lima Consulting Group

Keith Barber
Director of Digital Engagement at Tyson Foods

"The deliverables we got from the team at LCG were structured in a way that the digital change agents could have confidence to advance the culture of the organization to allow for opinions from anywhere in the organization to be heard.”